Facial Treatment

Express facial 30 min $60

Best for those with limited time, the mini version of customized facial includes cleansing, exfoliation, hydration, massage, and the application of a mask suited to your skin type. Steaming and extraction of impurities is not included for all skin types.

Deep Cleansing facial 60 mins. $100

The customized facial includes cleansing, natural exfoliation while aromatic steaming is used to ease the extraction (blackheads & whiteheads and other impurities), high frequency treatment to reduce pimples and blackheads. A soothing antibacterial is included, followed with the application of mask suited to your skin type. then eye contour corrector is used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and provides a brighter outlook for a more youthful-looking eye and lip contours. (It come with relaxing face and shoulder massage). for all skin types.

Microdermabrasion 90 mins. $150

The current state- of-the-art aesthetic skin exfoliating treatment without a surgeon. This safe and comfortable process accelerates the loss of rough, dry surface skin. new and healthier skin cells are seeded into production while you enjoy the look and feel of a beautifully polished complexion. each treatment is complimented with our exclusive Vitamin C+Collagen Hydrating Mask. We recommend a specific program of treatments, each according to client conditions,results, and goals, in order to achieve the maximum benefits from this remarkable process.

Ultrasound lifting Facial 90 min. $120

This treatment utilizes low-frequencu around waves in a our-stage system to safely cleanse, peel, lift, and tone. these four steps help fight rosacea and control hyperpigmentation ny enabling treatment products to more effectively penetrate the skin. Safe and effective for all skin types and tones. Experience a skin breakthrough

Collagen Anti-Wrinkle firming treatment 90 mins. $200

Collagen provides outstanding results in terms of epidermal regeneration, hydration, wrinkle smoothing, prevention, and acar treatment. Using Ultrasonic Adjustor to guide the collagen gently over the face, transmitting a light galvanic current. The skin is more receptive, absorbing like a sponge, the targeted ingredients, Collagen mask, head, neck, and shoulder massage is included.

Men’s facial 60 mins $90

Men skin care for him is scientifically developed to address the distinct differences of men’s skin. Precisely formulated, the program is proven effective to : desensitized skin, soothe irritability, prevent inflammation, smooth wrinkles, strengthen elasticity, and re-hydrate.

Botinol Treatment 90 min. $180

This treatment is the most effective anti aging action. It prevents wrinkles and fine lines of expression caused by micro-contraction of the skin. Botinol facial increases collagen or elastin synthesis, fights free radicals, detoxifies, and evens out skin tone. After just one treatment, superficial and deep wrinkles are improved and skin appears plumper. For all skin types.