Waxing, Image Care and Ear Candling


Eyebrow $15

Lip $15

Chin $15

Chest $15

Back $$55

Half Arm $20

Full Arm $35

Under Arm $20

Bikini Line $35

Brazilian $60 half legs $45

Full legs $65

Full Face$55

Image Care

Eyebrow and eyelash Tint  $40

Eyelash Perming $50

Eyelash extension (one time) $95

Eyelash extension (2 Month) $200

Ear Candle Paraffin Wax $80

Ear Candling  30 mins $60  60 mins 4100

Ear candling is an ancient practice in which an individual lights one end of a cotton ear candle on fire and inserts the other end (non ignited) into his or her ear. this smoothing process calms the mind and body and promotes a greater sense of well-being while releasing un-harmful smoke into your ear that works to aid your body in the natural release of ear wax.